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Why Buy Annuities

Here is why I think you should buy annuities for retirement:

I touched on this briefly on the page on this site "What Is An Annuity".

There are so many stories that we've heard of people winning the lottery, and they are broke in two years.

You know about the NBA and NFL and other big time sports players who rake in the money and then within a few years of early retirement in their late 30's early 40's they are practically on skid row.

Maybe you aren't going to play in the world series or get your hand print on a sidewalk in front of Grumman's Chinese theater, but you might have a few bucks and it is burning a hole in your pocket.

Who is your worst financial enemy?
It could be that you are!

If you know that this is true and it is for many people out there, then do the thing that will cover your butt for the future.

The person who inherits the parents estate, sells it, and goes nuts buying sport cars, wine, men/women and song, sex and drugs and rock 'n roll can end up in tears when the s**t hits the fan, and he or she is broke.

You don't have to do the annuity investment thing, but the good thing about the annuity plan is that you get paid regularly starting either now or when you are 59½, and there are stiff penalties for early withdrawal.

Those penalties, caps, fees, 10% to the IRS, fines, adjustments etc. could eat up such a chunk that you might not dare to withdraw the capital.

Understand the annuity value and what the advantages are, use an annuity to protect yourself.

Some folks need the discipline... sounds like I am talking to myself here.


Disclaimer: Before you make an investment get legal or professional advice.