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How To Live on $99.00 A Day in the Top Ten Cities for Retirement

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1.   In New Bedford, Massachusetts you can live very well on the amount of money that would be not really enough elsewhere.

Also...the health insurance can be much more affordable than it is elsewhere because we have the good plan in Massachusetts.

Taxes are called high in Massachusetts, but in reality it depends on your real estate value and income. The taxes in New   Bedford are lower than most surrounding towns.

New Bedford has it's own large airport and new schools, as well as a top rated hospital in the city.

Real estate is cheaper than elsewhere, as well.

The arts are a big movement here as in the downtown area there is a re-vitalization that hasn't been around in more than 30 years. The local UMASS university has art school rooms downtown, and there are an awful lot of musicians and artists living in the town.

It is the #1 seaport for fishing in the USA. See for your self!
Check the website www.WhalingCity.net. It's an authoritative website based on the history of the city.

2.   Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.
Real estate values are lower than expected, and you can buy a home and afford everything else that you really need with your income of $36,135.00 a year.

This is enough to get a newer or older home that might be smaller or larger than your last one.
The big point is that you should be able to retire in a new home and not worry about your income.

3.  Roanoke, Virginia is close enough to the capital to be accessible if need be.
It is a dream for retirement couples to live in with a calmer and quieter environment where you can relax. It is right on Route 81, 4 hours south of DC.

There are opportunities for hiking and riding on the bike trails or fishing. There is also paddling a canoe in the streams and small rivers in the area. There is a lot to see with art galleries and outdoor restaurants. It is a beautiful place to be.
4.  San Antonio, Texas  Routes 10, 35 and 37 all have a juncture in San Antonio so there is a traffic of new people all the time as well as the wonderful folks who always live there.

The low cost of living is affordable, and there is so much to do there such as, Six Flags Fiesta park, Witte Museum, Seaworld, San Antonio Aquatica, and the San Antonio Zoo, as well as other fine spots in town.

The weather is warm, so swimming is a regular thing there. Temps are on average 51f in January to 84f in August.

5.  Omaha Nebraska, is a little more than half way to Canada's border from New Orleans, LA. It is in the middle of the USA and a good spot to retire. 5 major highways come into town. Council Bluffs Iowa is right across the river. Population is around 409,000 folks. There are 5 of the Fortune 500 companies in Omaha.

Forbes back in 2009 called Omaha America's number one "Best Bang-For-The Buck City". It also called it the number one on "America's Fastest-Recovering Cities" list.

6.  Gainesville, Florida is in the northern section of Florida and about mid ships on the peninsula. Temps range on average from 54f in January to 81f in July with variations up and down.

The economy is good in Gainesville, and the MSA was ranked as the number one spot to live in USA, in 2007. National Geographic Adventure listed the city as one of the best places to live and play in.

The city has a deciduous plant growth of dogwood, sweet gum, maple, and hickory, as well as live oaks, palms, and other evergreens.

7.  Eau Claire, Wisconsin Is a city of 65,000 people, located in northwestern Wisconsin.

It was incorporated in 1872. Now Eau Claire has an expanding and diverse base in health care, manufacturing, information technologies, and retail. It is a small city with a closer feeling amongst the people.

They enjoy a Chippewa Valley Symphony, and children's theater as well as other events in town.
They enjoy a housing authority that controls nine federally subsidized housing programs that are affordable. It is a cooler area with temperatures on average running from an average of 12 degrees in January to 72 in July.

8.  Las Cruces, New Mexico has a population of about 100,00 and is rated as American Southwest's Best Place To Retire by several associations and publications.
There are multiple golf courses in Las Cruces, and they have 350 days a year of clear sunny weather that is great for golfing. There are numerous festivals and fiestas every year.

Locally they have a mild high-desert climate, and spectacular views of soaring mountains and the Rio Grande Valley. The area was home to Geronimo, Billy the Kid and Spanish settlers of New Spain.

9.  Spokane Washington Has a population of about 209,000 people and is 110 miles from Canada's southern border. The city enjoys mining, agriculture and timber businesses.  Lately, the economy has begun to include other high tech and bio-tech industries.

There are two universities in town, Gonzaga and Whitworth.
Temperatures average from 27f in January to 69f for July on a yearly basis.

Delaney Service Coordinator and others can be helpful with low cost housing rentals on apartments in town. People are nice and friendly. You can buy a middle level house there for $125,000.00.

In the area, there are 12 theaters for movies, 883 restaurants for dining within 15 miles!
There are colleges and pro schools as well as 35 libraries within 15 miles. There are 22 golf courses within 30 miles... and a lot more.

10.  Grand Junction, Colorado. Red Rock landscaping is the beauty of the area. Golf and swimming are wonderful in the warm weather that runs from on average of 25 in January to 79 in July.

There is a profitable wine industry in the area. You can easily find peaceful locations for retirement and spots to reflect and unwind. When you have the energy to go carousing there are the great shops, restaurants, galleries and more in the downtown area.

Besides the great art galleries in the area, the town also has several unique art centers.
There is a constant program called Art on the Corner that has over 100 sculptures in the downtown area.

The wonderful Western Colorado Center is a nonprofit arts group promoting enjoyment and understanding of the arts. They operate through exhibits, educational programs, and the collection of about 300 contemporary as well as historic pieces of art.

The big break is that it is not an expensive area to live!


Disclaimer: Before you make an investment get legal or professional advice.