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Retirement Programs
Part Time Jobs

Additional income from a part time job after retirement!

Your retirement income just isn't enough because the employees pension plan you have doesn't bring in enough money and possibly little to no retirement benefits.

Social Security is not cutting it either.

Rather than be bored you can get a part time job.

If you have done some after retirement planning, you will be better off.  

Having a part time job will most likely improve your quality of life after retirement.
It is no good to be idle.

This page has a list of some retirement employment opportunities

You have to evaluate your skills and interests decide what kind of job would make you happy (very important) and also bring in some extra money. Then look for the kind of job that you want.


By the year 2015, 1 of every 5 workers will be 55 or older. That's 20% of the workforce.


Tour Guide Job

You may have a great amount of knowledge that younger people don't have, and a tour guide usually doesn't take a lot of physical energy unless you are walking long distances or climbing hills. You might like to be a museum docent. Museums and often prefer someone who is more mature and knows the subject.. When you are older, people actually listen to what you have to say more often.

Gallery Sitting

Bring a good book and just don't fall asleep. Gallery sitting is a very easy job.

Why Change

If you have a certain special skill, continue working for the same company part time or another company in a job with the same job description. Usually you can make more money doing what you can do best rather than taking on a different job where you have no skill.

Security Guard

Many places that hire a security guard don't expect you to chase a bad guy down the street but to keep an eye on things.

Night Watchman

This is a great job if you don't want to be bothered with talking to anyone!   Usually you have to make the rounds a few times and otherwise just sit and watch TV or read a book.

Home Depot

Kudos to Home Depot for hiring retired professionals. They get the best experience that is great when someone has a question in a particular field.  People with a professional background in plumbing, painting, carpentry, etc. should apply.


As long as you can still stand on your two feet you could be a greeter. There are other jobs that take a bit more energy, but Walmart is good about hiring seniors.

Seasonal Work

Everything from playing Santa Claus to working at a hotel desk at some resort. Some towns and summer resorts have business only from May 15 to October 15, and then there are the ski resorts where ticket takers for ski lifts sit down all day - easy beans.

On Call

Stores  and gift shops etc., often like to have someone to be on call in case an employee can't show up for work. 
I had a restaurant where a waitress lived across the street. She picked up every shift for which scheduled workers didn't arrive. She didn't have a lot of regular hours but was on call.

Part Time Consultant

What ever your professional field might have been you can hire yourself out as a consultant for a few hours a week. Your experience is valuable to younger companies in the same field that you worked in all of your life.

Teach Night Classes

Night school classes are often taught by retired professionals. My area has a Junior College with night classes in business. Retired accountants and the like teach there. Many vocational schools have adult learning programs in the evening.


If you can sit down and answer a telephone, you can do this job with ease. Bring a book.

Federal Census

A good think about the federal government is that they do not discriminate for age.  Every time there is a census there is a rush to hire workers for it.

Parking Lot Attendant

Here is a job where you might walk around a little but for the most part you are in a booth collecting tickets and money. - Bring a book. People tend to trust seniors with money in situations like that.

Health Care Aid

You will need to learn a few things and most likely get certified, but then you can work helping old people and disabled people with daily life.
Some home health care aides will stay over night with elderly clients.

Library Assistant

The atmosphere is really nice and calm, and the work is usually not too strenuous. Return books to shelves etc.


If you have any skill at bookkeeping, you could work for a small company who only need you for a few hours week. Small restaurants and car dealers etc. always have to keep books, and usually it is not of any real interest to them as they prefer to occupy themselves with cooking, serving customers and in the case of the latter, selling cars.

Cab Driver

Cab companies often have more drivers than they do cars and people pick up shifts in between other jobs. You can do the same and work a few hours a week to earn a few bucks.

Grounds Keeper

I mention groundskeeper here, but besides doing that in the broader sense, I am thinking of a job for a person who lives in a trailer park or over small 55 community and can walk to the job each time. This could be a  paid position or a trade off for all or some of the rent.

Bagging Groceries

If you do this in your neighborhood, you will have a social event every day because you are bound to run into people that you know and keep up on the latest gossip while you get paid.

Waitress/ Waiter

In a busy restaurant, cocktail lounge etc. there are always people looking for waitresses or waiters although there seems to be severe discrimination, against men in this job. The money can be very good when the tips roll in, and you get the social life thrown in.

Dining Room Host

Often referred to as the Maitre D' this is an easy enough job, but it does take some tact and people skills.


This is a popular job for retirees. Unusually the job requirements are made clear when you are hired and as long as you do the job you are on your own. The more skills you have the better position you are in to negotiate for more money. A former plumber or electrician, for example, could work for a school or similar large building, and be in a position to get more money.

Cook/ Short Order Cook

This is a job where the regular cook may want a day or two off every week, and you can fill in. Once you get the hang of cooking on a grill the burger can fly out of the kitchen.


Here is a job that you can do without breaking a sweat. As was previously said, people trust older employees more than younger employees not to steal money.

Auto Parts Delivery

Auto parts stores get orders during the day for parts to be delivered to repair/ service stations.  It is physically easy to do.

Part Time Phlebotomist

People who draw blood for medical purposes are phlebotomists. Some doctors offices make lab appointments operate the lab only two days a week. If you have a degree in nursing or have been a medical lab technician, then you are qualified.

Visiting nurses

There is a need for visiting nurses to go to peoples homes to check on them.


If you had been a doctor, you probably don't need the extra income. If you do need some extra money, you can work in an outpatient clinic on a daily basis.

Pet Grooming

If you love animals, this could be for you. Pet stores need to keep their pets in shape and people like to pay to have their dogs teeth cleaned etc.

Computer Repair

The people who are approaching retirement age are some of the best with computers. They got in on the ground floor and have a lot of experience with repair.

Language Instructor

If you are multi-Lingual, you could teach part time for adult education classes. There are language teaching jobs that are not full time in schools.

Car Sales Person

This is a job where it is not crucial that you are a full time employee in many cases.

Motel Room Housekeeping

Many small motels only need someone to work part time.

Taxi / Truck Dispatcher

Easy job from a physical standpoint. Could be a bit stressful when multi-tasking. Usually it is 99% sitting down and talking on the phone and radios.

Bus Tables

Simple job picking up dirty dishes and cleaning tables in a restaurant.  You can work at a slower pace if it isn't busy but have to be able to move right along when it is busy.


Disclaimer: Before you make an investment get legal or professional advice.