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Retire with happiness and
have something fun to do with your free time

People do work hard ...

Most of their life trying to save money for retirement.

They put all of their effort in to gathering enough money to do interesting things but when they retire...

Yes it is true as you have seen the guy who retires from his job or the gal who retires from her job and sits on the front porch on a rocking chair staring out into the nothingness before them.

They have a nice savings to live well on but they never developed any social skills or hobby interests as they didn't have the time.

Well before you get into that rut tell your self to avoid that mistake and find the time to balance the money for retirement, with the things to do and and people to know during retirement.

If you are a member

Of a club or group that has events and meetings as well as other things to do it is a good thing.

My father spent about a third of his life working at charitable obsessions like food for the poor and being a Boy Scout Master and a charity Ambulance Driver/Medic.

Dad also worked two jobs.

He is an extraordinary man but now at 92 years old he has been retired for a few years and loves the idea of doing charity work.

He donates his time at a military museum as a tour director and goes to a nursing home as a volunteer most days of the week and is involved in a lot more.

My mother has been an avid reader and a member of several clubs and organizations that they both are involved in as well as my dad's VFW functions.

These two are going at life like mad and I can see that they are very happy.

Make a plan to get involved with the world in a more enjoyable way while you are young and it will pay off for you when you retire.

You could become a sailor! That is fun for Captain Roger here.


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