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Cheap Places To Retire In USA

When you consider the cheapest places to live in the United States, you will remember that there was a time when if you wanted to have all that you needed you had to live in a city.

There were nearby markets and stores and good television reception.

People got used to a local post office, but the urban living thing has become a dinosaur for a lot of people.

They feel that they can get out in the countryside or live in a small town or village and still have cable TV, WiFi, email, skype, UPS overnight deliveries, mail, online shopping etc.

For a lot of people looking for cheap places to live, the most important thing is an internet connection to be able to shop, and for some folks - work at a part time or full time job or business.

These changes have made it so that you can retire in the countryside and lower your costs for housing and a lot of other commodities that cost more in big cities.

National Association of Realtors statistics: Median sale prices for single family homes in the United States.
Southern US $147,000 -  Midwest US $132,000. - Western US  $238,000 -   New England $236,000.

There are places where the cost of living is lower so if you are on a low social-security income it's a good idea to check these places out on the internet at least.

Cities with a low cost for housing

  1. Fort Smith, Arkansas

  2. Population, 86,209 and it is the second largest city in Arkansas. In the northwest corner of the state.

    Fort Smith is the home of the US Marshall Service National Museum.

    It gained some attention as the historical location of the place where the movie "True Grit" with Jeff Bridges was set in the 1870's.

    The average temperatures for January are 48.1f and July 92.9f.

  3. Pueblo, Colorado

    Population, 106,595   It is at the meeting point of the Colorado and Fountain Creek Rivers.

    It is pretty much desert land with very low rainfall. There are a lot of sunny days in the year.

    Average temp in January is between 14 and 44 degrees Fahrenheit, and for July it is between 59 and 91 F.

    There is some steel manufacturing in the city.

  4. Harlingen, Texas

  5. Population 64,849. Temperatures average 58 F in January and 84 in July.

    The city has an international airport serving the area and parts of northern Mexico.

    There are palm trees, and on the map you can see that it is quite close to the southernmost tip of Texas.

    It is 26 miles north of Brownsville, Texas.

    This puts it within 30 miles of the southernmost latitude in continental USA.

  6. McAllen, Texas

  7. Population is 129,877. It is 5 miles from he Mexico border.

    Temperatures in January average at 59F and in July at 86F.

    There is very little rainfall.
    This is a hot part of the USA with semi arid land.

    The city boasts of a good transit system in the city, and the McAllen-Hidalgo-Reynosa International bridge carries a lot of cross border tourism.

  8. Johnson City, Tennessee

  9. Population 163,000, ranked as a good cheap place to retire, due to the low cost of housing, transportation, health care and utilities.

    There are the beautiful Appalachian mountains all around the city.

    Average temperature for January is 35 F and for July 75 F.

    There is bus service for the city area.

  10. Conway, Arkansas

  11. Population 59,000. Conway is not too far from Little Rock.

    There are three colleges in the city.

    The city boasts some fine cultural opportunities with art museums, a symphony orchestra and some fun annual events.

    The city is close to the Arkansas River, and the countryside has beautiful scenery and farmland.

  12. Springfield, and Rockford Illinois

    You can buy a home for $80,000 and yet it isn't far from Chicago.

    Springfield pop: 117,400 is served by bus, train and air with the Abraham Lincoln Airport.

    There are also short flights into Chicago.
    Rockford has a population of app 153,000.

    Average temperatures for both of the cities are
    January - 19F - July 71F

  13. Covington, Kentucky

  14. Population 40,640 Average temps - January 31F and July 77F.

    The climate is in a transitional zone between a more southerly clime and a cooler clime. Covington is on the Licking River near Ohio River.

    The John Roebling Suspension bridge serves the area.

    The median sale price for a home in the bad housing market of 2011- 2012 is $50,000 despite average listing prices of $165.012.

  15. Louisville, Kentucky

  16. Here's a big one. Pop: 741,096.

    The Kentucky Derby is the big deal in town as well as the annual Bluegrass Balloon Festival.

    There are lots of opportunities to enjoy art, museums, performing arts, and music in Louisville.

    The cost of living is much lower than the nearby big cities.

  17. Omaha, Nebraska

  18. Population 408,958. The cost of living is lower than for the rest of the state in everything but transportation and healthcare.

    In general, the gap in cost of living isn't much lower, so it is ranked as it is. There are lot's of trains as they played a big part in the history of the city.

    It is located pretty much at a mid point of the two coasts, and a bit north of a lateral mid point.
    Temps average at 33F for January and 87F for July.

Research shows that these states are the:

Top Ten cheapest states to live in.

  1. Oklahoma

  2. Texas

  3. Tennessee

  4. Arkansas

  5. Nebraska

  6. South Dakota

  7. Missouri

  8. Kansas

  9. Georgia

  10. Mississippi

Cheapest cost of living cities

  1. Brownsville, Texas

  2. Pueblo, Colorado

  3. Fort Hood, Texas

  4. Fort Smith, Arkansas

  5. Sherman, Texas

  6. Springfield, illinois

  7. Waco, Texas

  8. Fayetteville, Arkansas

  9. Austin Texas

  10. Spingfield, Missouri

Larger cities with low cost of living

This is determined by the
  • Cost of housing
  • Groceries
  • Goods and services
  • Gas and electricity
  • City Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Health care. etc.
    1. Tulsa, Oklahoma

    2. Houston, Texas

    3. Indianapolis, Indiana

    4. St. Louis, Missouri

    5. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    6. Memphis, Tennessee

    7. Fort Worth, Texas

    8. Nashville, Tennessee

    9. Greensboro, North Carolina

    10. Omaha, Nebraska

    Top Ten cheap metro areas

    1. Manchester and Nashua,
      New Hampshire

    2. Clearfield and Ogden, Utah

    3. Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota

    4. Worcester, Massachusetts

    5. Ann Arbor, Michigan

    6. Try, Schenectady and Albany,
      New York

    7. Arlington & Fort Worth, Texas

    8. Chapel Hill and Durham,
      North Carolina

    9. Fort Collins and Loveland, Colorado

    10. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    Cheapest Cities For Apartment Rent

    These apartments and prices were recently listed in 2011

    1. Wichita, Kansas - Rent a 600 Sq Ft Apartment with one bedroom for $475.00 - Some have amenities like golfing included.

    2. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - $490.-- gets you a 900 sq foot home with amenities.

    3. Tulsa, Oklahoma - There was a one bedroom - 600 foot apartment on a pond for $520.

    4. Knoxville, Tennessee - Beautiful one bedroom apartment in a wooded area with amenities for $560

    5. Dayton, Ohio - Listed a while ago was a 500 Sq Ft one-bedroom near a lake with amenities for $575.

    Rents are down in most cities in USA, so check the rental listings.


    Disclaimer: Before you make an investment get legal or professional advice.